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Lucy's LoveSquad™

Invite Lucy’s Love Bus to come to your child's school!

Looking for an amazing way to inspire your children to become movers and shakers?

Our Lucy’s LoveSquad™ program (grades 4-12) encourages children to #LiveLikeLucy and proves that young people are capable of making a BIG difference! Our programs are designed to work in conjunction with Common Core curriculae in the nation's public and private schools, and is easily adaptable for all ages.

How does it work?

Our Executive Director, Beecher Grogan, will come to your child’s school to do a 45-minute interactive presentation and classroom visits to introduce Lucy's story, share facts about childhood cancer, show our video, read Lucy’s book, and empower children with actions they can take to make a real impact on a social problem that is deeply relevant to them.

Best suited for children aged 8 to 18, we encourage children to become the activists and philanthropists of tomorrow. Each school is paired with a "Butterfly Buddy," one of the children on board Lucy's Love Bus. Children are encouraged to grow their compassion and empathy by writing letters of love and encouragement to their Butterfly Buddy. Children are also invited to join a letter writing campaign to government officials to express thier views on the disparity of funding for childhood cancer cures. (Childhood cancer only receives 3.8 percent of the $5 billion spent annually on cancer cures by the federal government- a fact that quickly motivates our student partners to take action!) Together, each school group works to raise funds for childhood cancer in honor of their Butterfly Buddy. The program culminates with a second visit from Lucy's Love Bus, at which we celebrate the children's success and thank them for their support.  

Please contact Beecher Grogan, Executive Director, for more information (Beecher@LucysLoveBus.org).

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